There are many advantages to staying at an AirBnb as opposed to a hotel. A homey atmosphere, personal connection with a local, a sense of being part of wherever you are instead merely visiting. These are things you simply will never experience at a hotel. 

Of course, there are disadvantages, too. Unfortunately my host was not be ready  to welcome me until noon, which (combined with landing in London half an hour earlier than expected) meant I had a lot of time to kill. 

Once I arrived in Ealing, though, I recognized how great a spot I had found to stay. The streets are nice, sidewalks half-covered in leaves, people fairly friendly. 

My host, I’ll call her P, is absolutely lovely and had everything set out of me once I arrived. After explaining some general house rules, she left me to my own devices. 

Too tired to do anything immediately (my brain was still 5 hours behind), I took a much desired nap and then set out to explore the town. 

Ealing is a western borough of London, identified as a major metropolitan center in the London Plan. It used to be a rural village in the county of Middlesex and formed an ancient parish (Wikipedia).

Now there are several subsections, including Ealing Commons, where I am staying, of the greatly expanded suburb. The best know section is probably Ealing Broadway, where there are tons of shopping, restaurants, and services. 

Tonight, Ealing Broadway was packed. My host had mentioned that with all the post-Christmas sales, Boxing Day is very similar to the US Black Friday. Except, from what I could see, there was No one trying to kill one another for a television… but I digress. 

It was lovely walking the streets. The homes in this area are gorgeous. A church nearby my accommodations has been repurposed as a Montessori school, which I think is so amazing. I especially loved the doors. (Warning: I may post a lot of door pictures, there are so many nice ones here!) 

I even ventured into various stores and bought myself a little something:

Once 5pm came around, my jet lag kicked in again. Got back rather early to the house, though you would never know by the darkness. 

By tomorrow, I am sure I’ll be completely set, mentally and physically, to explore London. 

Thank you for your prayers of traveling mercies, the Lord certainly heard and answered you prayers. Until tomorrow!

-Wandering Minstrelette


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