Tomorrow Became Yesterday

It’s amazing how fast time flies sometimes. Before I knew it, my last full day on Colorado had come. Thankfully, it was filled with warm memories. 

Saturday morning I attended church at Twin Peaks SDA. I always make a point of attending church on Sabbath mornings, but when I travel I make it even more so because I think that there is a great cross blessings for me as a visitor and for the church that I visit. Not to say that I am overly special, but I have always found great joy in visiting different churches. 

Not only was the congregation warm and inviting (I must have been invited to stay for potluck four or five times), but inclusiveness I felt was really quite unique. It was Communion Sabbath, in which we partake of the ceremony of Holy Communion. In the Seventh-day Adventist Church, these Sabbaths have a homily followed by the Ordinance of Humility (foot washing ceremony) after which we partake of the communion bread and blessed juice (we don’t use wine). These Sabbaths can be very lonely for visitors because everyone knows each other and will want to perform these ceremonies together. I’ve been at churches when I stood for quite a while before someone realized I needed a partner for the foot washing. But not Twin Peaks – a lady came straight up to me and asked to be my partner and even welcomed me to sit with her or the rest of the service. Her kindness made all the difference. 

I should also mention that the small sanctuary was beautiful, with large, square window behind the pulpit that allows the congregation to gaze upon the majestic Rockies. I could stare at that view for forever and never get tired of it. 

After church I had the chance I spend some quality time with my cousin’s wife. She had been busy all week, so we didn’t have much of a chance to interact before. Now we had the whole afternoon just us and her son. She is such an amazing and intelligent person, and such a great parent – I’m sorry we didn’t get to spend more time together!

I am so glad that I made this trip to spend time with family. Not only did I get to know them better, but I also learned a lot about myself. I learned that I want a husband that will be the kind of man and father my cousin is to his wife and son. I learned that I want to be the kind of wife and mother that his wife is: supportive, caring, honest, tactful, and strong. 

 I have great family. 🙂

In the late afternoon I had one last chance to enjoy the mountains by briefly walking on the South Mesa trail to see the firey red sumac against the Flatirons. It’s amazing how gorgeous nature can be. 


The final hurrah of the day was the battería performance to kick off the Adventure Film Festival. I’ll have to post a video and pictures later, it was so great! Everyone attending the festival crowded in to listen and some even watched as my cousin’s wife and I danced samba off to the side. What a perfect way to complete my time with family. 

I was brought back to Denver that evening and, for whatever reason, promptly became sick. So this morning was not a lot of fun, but thankfully everything toned down by the time mom and I had to get in the plane. 

Now I’m back home and have to be ready for work in the morning. It’s always a bit funny getting back into the regular routine of things. But you know, it just makes me look forward to the next time I get to explore this beautiful world we call earth. 

I’ll be sure to post my favorite shots from this trip later this week. Until then, happy traveling!

-Wandering Minstrelette


Rocking Aspens

As promised, my cousin took me to see the Aspens today. 

We weren’t able to make the trek all the way to Rocky Mountain National Park, but where we did go was absolutely delightful. 

Mud Lake is just outside the town of Nederland, known for it’s quirky nature. Many people who aren’t happy with the gentrification of Boulder have been moving to Nederland, giving it a hippie, homie feel. 

There is even a classic carousel, known as the Carousel of Happiness, that offers great entertainment and history to the younger crowd. My cousin’s son loves it, so we had to be sure to ride before heading back home. 

The 1910 carousel has an interesting story. Visit the website to learn more about the history and community impact of this unique merry-go-round. 

Back to Mud Lake. 

There are several trails around the lake, none of which were too difficult. Perfect for the little man traveling with us. 

The crisp autumn weather provided a perfect climate to enjoy the many types of trees. There’s one that apparently smells like butterscotch, which I found interesting, but my favorite were definitely the aspens. 

Whenever conversations about autumn and Colorado come up, all I hear is how gorgeous the aspen trees are. Ever since I decided to make this trip, seeing those trees were at the top of my list to see. 

There were a lot of coniferous trees around Mud Lake, so the region wasn’t as bright yellow/orange as many pictures you’ll see of Colorado in the fall. Those pictures are probably from places like Rocky Mountain National Park, but the trees we saw were no less gorgeous or glamorous. 

In fact, the pockets of yellow among the evergreens made them even more brilliant and stunning. Their small leaves were sprinkled along the edge of the path, as if marking the way for our journey. 

I picked up a few leaves from the ground as keepsakes and “presents.” I had had a flute student, when I was telling her about this trip and the aspens, ask me what type of music they played because she thought they were a band (free idea for you all – you’re welcome), so I’ll sign one of the leaves for her. I’m sure she’ll love it. 

Upon closer inspection, it even looked as if the trees had eyes. While I don’t believe in them, I can definitely understand how people came to the conclusion that wood nymphs and other sorts of woodland spirits exist when I see things like that. When I see it, I think of how wonderful and creative Creator we have to have made such beautiful things for us to admire and appreciate. 

When we left Mud Lake, I felt satisfied and content. My one desire for this trip has been fulfilled. 

Only one and a half days left! Let’s hope I make the most of them. 

-Wandering Minstrelette