Initiate Operation Ontario

I’ve always found it rather amusing that I have been to so many places around the world, but have never made it to our northern neighbor, Canada. Now that all my duties with George Mason University are complete, I decided that it was time to make the pilgrimage.

Packing was an interesting ordeal – I normally am very good about packing light, but since it was going to be just my mother and myself and the fact that we were driving up in her van, I allowed myself the liberty to bring along some things I otherwise would not have considered like a tripod, extra books, my binoculars, etc. I still ended with a rather compact set up, despite having several bags. 

My mom and I were soon on the road and were blessed to have seven straight hours of NO traffic. The on and off rain didn’t even bother us too much and thankfully by the end of the day, the sun came to greet the world in its full glory.

Route 219 is officially our new favorite highway – almost no one was on the road, there was a variety of large highway and small country road, and there was plenty of green all over.

Upon arrival, we get settled in to our room at Americas Best Value Inn, some four miles from the American side of the famous Niagara Falls. Not the best, but not the worst place either. 

There is a visitor’s center nearby that we popped into to get information on what to see, the cost, etc. Mike, the gentleman behind the counter, was very helpful in explaining the available tour packages for both sides of the falls as well as other things to do around the area. He even told us to make sure we went to see the falls lit up in the evening along with the fireworks. After thanking him and bidding farewell to his little furry companion, Charlie the shih tzu who was chilling on the counter during the entire discourse, we returned to the hotel to rest until dusk. Firstly, because we were tired. Secondly, it would keep us from spending too much money in the first day of our trip – we want to make sure we have enough to enjoy the rest of our trip!

 We did end up seeing the falls in the evening, and the lights were gorgeous – although it was obvious that the Canadians had the better view.  

We returned to our hotel satisfied and ready to rest so as to tackle tomorrow’s adventures. It was a great way to start off what I am dubbing “Operation Ontario.”

(NB: My wifi isn’t very strong right now, so additional pictures will be added to this post at a later date.)

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Happy travels!

-Wandering Minstrelette



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