A Stroll Among the Cherry Trees

Last week for my birthday, I treated myself to an experience I had never had before.

Waking up several hours before the sun, I drove to Washington, DC, surprisingly tons of people already moving at that hour and even more surprisingly found FREE parking near the Tidal Basin. Following the growing crowd, I found myself on a bridge facing the Jefferson Memorial, just as the sky began to turn from navy blue, to purple, to red.


It turned out that my vantage point was perfect to capture the beauty of the sunrise and in fact it was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever experienced.

Pink clouds were strategically placed at the water’s edge, their pale color appearing with the increasing light. The Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument stood proudly and majestically across the way, welcoming the awe and wonder of the already thousand some tourists gazing upon them at first light.


The colors in the sky became brighter, richer, until finally the sun appeared from beyond the horizon and the magic dissipated.

At least in the sky, it did, but it continued among the trees.


As I skirted along the rim of the Tidal Basin, I would watch as the wind gently played with the soft, fragile branches arrayed in a distinct hue with which the entire capital has donned for the next few weeks. Every so often I would pull away from their allure and be drawn to what was just on the other side of their lattice-like appearance.

I discovered, for the first time, the FDR and George Mason Memorials. I strolled up to the foot of the Washington Monument, touched its base that had stood strong despite the unexpected earthquake of the recent past.


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Back in the pink forest, I saw all sorts of people taken advantage of the most attractive time of the year in the District. Photographers and models were everywhere – there were engagement shoots, wedding shoots, maternity shoots, family shoots, artistic shoots, and even pet shoots.

This is an event I have been blessed enough to have grown up by and enjoy for several years. But as I enjoyed my morning under the blushing boughs, I began to think about all those who would have loved to come and see what I am seeing, experience what I am experiencing. So, I decided to take a stroll among the cherry trees and share it with you around the world that you might, vicariously, be able to enjoy a moment of the wonder of spring in the nation’s capital.

Please click here to see my video on YouTube.

Happy travels!

-Wandering Minstrelette


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