Wedding Day Perfection

I really need to be better about punctual writing…


The March 13th could not have been more perfect.

I woke up rested and was able to take a nice, warm shower. A gift after the previous day’s dab-and-dash. There was little for me to do, so I took my good sweet time doing my hair and makeup and even after that I found myself twiddling my thumbs. Paulo, too, had nothing to occupy his time until his friends came to pick him up, so I was able to ask him to give me an impromptu violin lesson. I proudly showed my ability to play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” but was quite lost after that. String instruments are pretty confusing to me, a flute player. Especially vibrato – how does one even make one’s hand move that way?

Anyways, Paulo’s friends soon came and picked him up to go to the wedding venue in the Mexico City suburb of Naucalpan, leaving me to once again twiddle my thumbs. Christina, her mother, and the bridesmaids had all spent the night in hotels closer to the venue to allow for early morning preparation. Paulo, who was one of the musicians, was to arrive later. I was to come with Christina’s father and grandparents, just before the ceremony started. When the time came, I quickly threw on my dress and shoes and together we were off to the event for which I and many others had come.

2016-03-13 10.52.03-2

The gate of Quinta Corregidor opened to welcome us into a beautifully manicured garden scene, complete with lawn umbrellas, comfy chairs, and Mexican style furniture. The “first look” had already happened, and we passed as Christina and Fernando were posing in an older, attractive looking car. A valet took the vehicle and I quickly found all the bridesmaids, whose dresses I nearly matched (honorary bridesmaid status – woo!). They were all GORGEOUS. Christina was GORGEOUS. The whole venue was, you guessed it, GORGEOUS.



The ceremony would take place in a grove-like area – enclosed by trees and brush, covered by a white textured canopy, and lined in faux grass that looked and felt real.


There was plenty of time to schmooze and take pictures before the actual ceremony began, when the guests had been requested to not attempt to photograph there ceremony with their phones in order to enable the professional photographers to do their job properly. I took what I could before the ceremony, admiring how simple and beautiful (and Pinteresty) everything looked. I’ll post some pictures here, but you can find some of my other favorites on my Instagram account: @wanderingminstrelette.




Soon, the ceremony began – Christina has always been a punctual person – and as the bridal party filed in, the emotions started to well up inside me. I was so happy and blessed to be here for Christina, who had gone through so much with me and encouraged me throughout our college years. From seeing Fernando’s face as he awaited her turn down the aisle, I knew that she had found herself a man that truly loved and appreciated her, that together they would be so much more wonderful than apart and that theirs was a commitment that would last their whole lives.

The music began, not the traditional bridal march – we musicians are too picky to have overdone wedding music, and there she was, arm-in-arm with her father. Christina was glowing, radiant with joy. For that one moment, I disobeyed the photographers’ request and stealthily brought out my phone to snap a picture of this triumphant entry. I’m so glad I did.

2016-03-13 15.37.02

The whole ceremony, like the weather, was perfect. I snuck my phone out one more time and managed, without really trying, to get the much sought-after kiss shot.

2016-03-13 16.09.09

The beauty of the ceremony was challenged only by that of the reception hall. A covered area with a similar canopy, the open air “room” was daintily embellished with Mexican-style, yet sleek and modern, furniture and decorations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then there was the food – oh my goodness, the food was amazing. The couple really outdid themselves in selecting the menu.

I have to admit that this was one of the first weddings, Adventist or otherwise, where I never felt bored. Perhaps it was because of the people I was seated with or the fact that the karaoke (instead of dancing) kept us all entertained or that the reception didn’t last until all hours of the night, allowing guests to leave wanting more rather than wishing for less.

Too soon, it seemed that this treasure of a day was over, months of planning gone in an instant, like the sparklers with which we sent off the couple into the warm, welcoming night. The present would now become cherished memories that all who attended will hold dear in their hearts.

Truly, it was a perfect day for this beautiful couple. I can only hope and pray for as perfect of a life for them ahead, where their relationship grows with each day and their commitment to each other delves deeper and stronger.

Christina and Fernando – ¡Felicidades! and many blessings. May God use you both for His glory, and may you always honor Him.


-Wandering Minstrelette





6 thoughts on “Wedding Day Perfection”

  1. Very nice capture of Christina’s wedding day! Everything did seem beautiful 😃 And your blog was a very pleasant read ☺️

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