Of Flights, Castles, and a Wedding Rehearsal

My flight to Mexico City was a little bumpy from turbulence, but such a blessing. I was placed by a young women named Edan who was traveling with her mother Ena to Mexico to celebrate her high school graduation. We started chatting soon after sitting next to each other and spoke for almost the entirety of the flight, although we did see The Incredibles at one point.

It was just amazing to me how much we had in common. We were both into the arts, both into travel, both vegetarians, and both lovers of Disney/Pixar, among other things. The whole flight was just so much fun because of our conversation – I even forgot about the book I had brought until just before we landed. I thank God for the chance to interact with wonderful people like Edan and Ena.

We arrived a few minutes early, which allowed me to get my bearings and exchange money before being picked up by Paulo, Christina’s brother, and Arturo, her father. All our faces cracked wide open in smiles as we greeted one another – it has been too long.

I was taken to an apartment where all the bridesmaids were staying, along with Christina, the bride. It was so amazing to see some of these people again. My heart was filled with happiness.

The joy continued in the morning. Well, first I had to fight with a freezing shower that had no water pressure in order to get ready for church, but after that I was able to have real happiness. A gorgeous mango was my breakfast. Church was nice and the fellowship after was even better.

 I don’t normally eat out on Sabbath, but today was an exception because plans changed last minute. Christina, Paulo, Sheila, Peter, and I went to an amazing restaurant named La Poblanita that serves traditional style dishes from the state of Pueblo and other authentic Mexican dishes. I was able to try a cactus taco and some extremely well done veggie fajitas – cooked unlike anything I had ever eaten in the states. Even the dessert was unique and amazing. What a meal… And it was enhanced with some live music – such a great.

 After lunch we changed clothes and went off, minus Paulo, to Chapultapec to explore the city and the castle. Sadly, the entrance to the castle was closed by the time we arrived… I had been up there before and would have liked to enjoy the beautiful view again, but poor Sheila had never visited. It was a shame, really, and we hope to catch it on Monday morning before she returns to the States.
After relaxing a bit, we made our way to the wedding rehearsal. Suddenly everything became very clear to me – Christina is getting married tomorrow. I’ve already had a couple of close friends get married and it’s still a little weird but I am always happy for them.

I took on the role of photographer during the rehearsal and hopefully got some good shots. I know Christina and her soon-to-be husband will appreciate having those pictures.

Early in the morning, Christina and the girls are leaving for the wedding venue to prepare for the main event. I’ll be arriving a little later than everyone else, but I’ll be sure to post picture later.

Look back tomorrow (or later today) for some great pictures.
– Wandering Minstrelette


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