México Amoroso

I’m traveling again! 

God has blessed me with the ability to travel to many parts of the world. Even more so, He has blessed me with friends wherever I go whom I cherish. 

Christina is one of those friends. We met in college and after she graduated, she returned to her hometown of Mexico City. We haven’t seen each other since, so when I found out she was getting married I knew I needed to attend to support and celebrate with her. What’s more, several other friends whom I haven’t seen is ages are making their way as well – it’ll be a reunion of the best kind!

Finances worked out and plans were made several months ago, bags were packed last night, which brings me to the present: sitting in the terminal, waiting to depart. 

 It’s been four years since I’ve seen Christina, six since I’ve been to Mexico – I’m ready and looking forward to an adventure. 

Next stop: Mexico City!

Destination: Mexico City

Airline: United

Duration: 3 full days, plus travel days 

Luggage: 28L day pack and carry on suitcase


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