Longsuffering: Ten Days of Prayer

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” -Romans 8:28

How often do we wish that God’s time was the same as ours. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if only everything happened according to our plans, our desires, and our purposes? In all honesty, no, probably not. God asks us to have patience not to upset or frustrate us, but to give us the chance to show our trust in Him and sometimes, perhaps, even give us extra time to reexamine things and ourselves. Patience truly is a virtue that is not owned by many.

But the word often used in the list of the fruits of the Spirit is “longsuffering.” This is all together a different kind of patience. This isn’t just waiting on God when things are good but you really desire something else, this is trusting in God with every fiber of your being that despite what you are going through, things will turn out all right in the end. This is not proclaiming a prosperity gospel, but it is proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Read the verse a above again – good things will work out for those who love and serve the Lord. Align your will with His, abide in Him, and your faith in His providence will increase and strengthen yourself and others. You may be persecuted for your beliefs, possibly even lose your life. But God has promised good things, wonderful things, heavenly things!

God does not purpose that any should perish, but that all might come to eternal life. This is a choice we each have to make. A choice to suffer long with the Lord just as Christ suffered long with and for us.

Wait upon the Lord. He loves you and cares for you.

Prayer suggestions

Praise God that is the One who gives us the power to change.

Praise God for the ways you see His longsuffering toward you.

Praise God that He never disappoints those who wait on Him.

Ask the Lord to teach you longsuffering.

Ask the Lord to teach you how to repay good for evil.

Ask God to help you see the trials He allows to come upon you as a means to teach you longsuffering.

Ask God to remind you to pray for those who are mistreating you.

Do you know anyone going through trials? Ask for the Lord to teach them longsuffering.

Pray for strong cooperation and unity between the church organization and supporting ministries in the evangelistic outreach of your church.

Pray for God’s truth to be spread.

Pray for any personal burdens on your heart.

Praise God that He has a thousand ways to provide when we see none and that He will answer your prayers.

May you be blessed!

-Wandering Minstrelette


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