Kindness: Ten Days of Prayer

“And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” -Ephesians 4:32

God has set a high standard for us as His children, a very high standard. Read the verse above. Remember that He says to love one another as I have loved you. Christ tells us during His sermon on the amount that we are to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect.

“Impossible!” you say, “how can we reach this standard?”

Of your own efforts, it is impossible. But remember, “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

God wants to mold us into the perfect character of His Son, Jesus Christ. He wants us to share the same characteristics of Christ, a major one of which was kindness.

Read through anyone one of the gospels, notice how Jesus regards those who were outcasts, how He respects those in lower levels of society, and how He handles others of a higher status when they come to seek Him. He is kind to all, without regard to race, status, gender, age, or faith. Even His dealings with the Pharisees were a result of kindness since Christ was hoping to lead them away from their firmly held traditional beliefs and open their eyes Him who was the fulfillment of their ancestors’ hopes and dreams. Never did Jesus do or say anything without a direct purpose or to teach a lesson to His followers. More than anything, His kindness touched even the hearts of stone in an attempt to draw them back to God.

We are asked to carry the same drive of sharing kindness to others. Be courteous and respectful to everyone – most especially your enemies AND your family. Sometimes, family can be the hardest group to be kind to, but God tells us that if we ask, He can equip us with the ability to be kind to all whom we encounter day to day.

Invite the Spirit today to come create in you a new heart and mind that seeks to show kindness to all.

Prayer Suggestions

Praise God that He calls us to do into others what we want them to do to us.

Praise God that He can give you the strength to be kind.

Praise God for specific situations in which you could see His kindness toward you. Praise God that He can make you and keep you blameless until He comes again.

Ask God to give you the strength to be kind to everyone, including family members and enemies.

Has anyone been unkind to you? Pray that God will teach you how to be kind to that person. Pray also that God will give you forgiveness in your heart toward that person.

Pray that God will show you how to be kind to strangers.

Ask God to make you a new creation and give you a new heart. Tell Him about the people to whom you need to show more kindness.

Pray that God will give a full understanding of Christ’s method of wholistic ministry, allowing all church members to meet people’s needs and follow Christ’s pattern of service to others.

Pray for a tremendous increase in spiritual support for Christian young people who attend public campuses. Pray that they become vibrant missionaries serving others at public universities and colleges worldwide.

Pray for all members to spend more time in Bible study and prayer, allowing God to fully direct His people according to His will and not ours.

Pray for any personal needs or anything on your heart.

Praise God that whatever you ask in His name and according to His will, He will do for you.

May you be blessed!

-Wandering Minstrelette


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