Introduction: Ten Days of Prayer

Have you heard of the Ten Days of Prayer? It is an international initiative where Christians gather together to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God has promised that His latter rain will fall before Jesus returns to earth to take us to heaven. This is what we pray and long for – to be receivers of that rain that we might be equipped with the skills and faith necessary to accomplish the final works of the Lord He has appointed for us on this earth.

This initiative always takes place in January, this year it’s January 7-17, specifically. Each year there is a theme to the ten days; this year’s is titled: Experiencing the Fruits of the Spirit. Each day, participants will be guided through a series of prayers that involves learning more about a particular fruit of the Spirit, praying for specified requests, and then allowing a time for personal requests and praises to be presented before God.


This is truly a life changing experience. It’ll be my third time participating in this initiative and I can tell you that God has made some amazing answers to prayer. I know He will continue to answer our prayers, because His word promises us that He would.

If you are seeking a way to give your new year a kick start in the right direction, I encourage you to participate in this initiative. Find a group that is participating, create your own group, or do things on your own (that’s what I did the first year). I promise that if you pray earnestly and seek the Lord with all your mind, heart, and strength, you will surely find Him and He will hear and answer.

To learn more about the Ten Days of Prayer and to download the free program materials, go to

I’ll be posting each day as well about the program with the materials and a thought. So if nothing else, be sure to check back here for ten days starting on the 7th!

Let me know your experiences!

May God bless you.

-Wandering Minstrelette


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