PianoForte Symphony Orchestra 2014


For the past week I have been in Southern California participating in rehearsals for the 2014 performance of the PianoForte Symphony Orchestra, a “festival” orchestra created by my best friend Michael several years ago. Developed from a dream to accompany four piano playing friends, this orchestra has become a biannual event that involves musicians from both US coasts pulling together a program of high level repertoire in a little over a week.

This year (my third), we are performing works by Sibelius, Copland, and Mendelssohn. We just had our last rehearsal tonight and are looking forward to an amazing concert tomorrow evening!

For anyone interested in seeing our concert August 16 at 5pm PST, you can find the live streaming here: http://www.lluc.org/article/40/media/worship-live. Be sure to adapt the time according to the time zone you live in.

If anyone is in the area, come see the concert live at the Loma Linda University Church.

Hope you can all enjoy!

-Wandering Minstrelette


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